Solvent recovery equipment

Our units TERMICA allows recovering a high percentage of the solvent contained in dirty solvent mixtures. Obtaining regenerated clean solvent for re-use and save on the purchase of new products and reduce waste.

Our units TERMICA allow recovering a high percentage of solvent contained in mixtures, obtaining the following advantages:
-Getting Regenerated solvent for reuse.
-Reduce costs of buying new product.
-Reduce Waste.
-Reduce Waste management costs.


Distill in its own plant or send mixtures to be distilled?
No doubt. We suggest you to distill in you own plant.
The TERMICA units have outstanding performance. Amgitec guarantees the return of investment installation in less than 5 months!

Main features:
Models TERMICA 100 and 200, distillation speeds between 120 and 220 lit / hour respectively.
CE and ATEX II2G IIB T3 certificate

All devices are CE and Atex certified by the Madariaga Official Laboratory


Reactor and circuits
Built in stainless steel, thermally insulated, with conical bottom to facilitate the discharge of waste, automatic download with anti overflow sensor.
Vapours circuit in stainless steel, with stainless steel plate heat exchanger and demister filter.

Scraper agitator
All devices includes scraper agitator, allowing homogenize the mixture and avoidin maintenances in the walls.

Vacuum generator
All units include vacuum generator by liquid ring distillate solvent itself, allowing distill mixtures at temperatures of about 50C.

Heating system
By heating resistors and thermal oil.

Safety devices
All models incorporate a thermal security system that analyzes at all times any deviation from work data and thus to prevent possible incidents: Control of exothermic reactions inside the reactor, temperature deviations, etc.

suitable electrical cabinet to unclassified area. It has PLC and touch screen 7.5 ". Control intuitive and easy to operate. You do not need constant supervision of any operator.
It allows a single cycle of distillation or leave the system working until finishing the solvent to be recovered.

Energy optimazation
Incorporating energy optimization of electricity consumption in all thermal models.

-Automatic transfer solvents in the plant.
-Production control.